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nutrition english publications

nutrition english publications

In this section you can read Martin Halsey's publications in his mother tongue. The main topic is nutrition related to health.



Introduction to the following articles

This series of articles were written a few years ago after a trip to the US to visit my family. During my stay many of my siblings (I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters) lamented the fact that I had written many books and thousands of articles over the years but nothing in English. This series is for them and for anyone interested in:

  • Diet in general and Italian diet in particular
  • Oriental principals of balance, specifically as taught in Macrobiotics.
  • How to unite oriental philosophy and Italian diet.
  • Observations by an American living in Italy on the differences between America and Italy.
  • Specific suggestions and recipes for creating a healthy way of eating.
  • Specific suggestions for using food for healing and slimming.

I have endeavored to make this articles as light and easy to read as possible and hope that if you enjoy them and find value in them that you explore our web site and what we offer in English as well as to seek out courses and teachers of macrobiotic cooking in your area. One of my goals is to create a branch of our school in English speaking countries and to translate an enormous wealth of information, in the form of books, videos, handouts, manuals and newsletters that we have accumulated over more than 20 years.


I have been writing a weekly newsletter for decades that currently goes to over 10,000 former students and counseling clients. I would like to make future newsletters available in English as well as to translate some of the more interesting past articles. For anyone with heath issues they might like to discuss please refer to the Counseling section of the web site for details on consultations on by Skype for those who are not in Italy or do not plan to come to Italy.