Article 1: What is food?

Article 1: What is food?

I was recently asked to do a series of interviews for a radio station in Milan -"Radio Popolare"  and I was pleasantly surprised by the host's (Marco) first question. His question was simply “What is Food”? I love this question because it is so different for the normal types of questions I get in interviews, things like is it ok to eat chocolate or how much protein to eat etc. As a subject for my first English article I think this is a great starting point. The answer is very simple:

Food is the environment.

We eat our environment and we create and maintain our bodies. Our mind or spirit or soul comes to this earth and consumes the earth to create a kind of suit of  cloths that permits the spirit to be a part of this place and play out its life on earth.

The idea of mind or spirit or soul is wonderfully expressed in the German language with the word Geist which signifies all of those concepts.

To get a better idea of how we eat the environment or earth, imagine a vegetable garden in the spring just after the seeds are planted. At this stage you are looking at bare earth. If you were to install a video camera and film the garden all summer and then play that film at a very high speed at the end of summer you would observe how the bare earth transforms itself into all variety of foods that you eat. You eat the earth when you eat those foods. Naturally we also breath the air and drink the water as part of our bodysuit creation and maintenance.

Implications of eating the earth.

  1. By eating the earth we are becoming part of a specific place, we are creating harmony with the earth. If we choose to eat foods that are grown in areas very different from our earth-place we can create problems. If you live in a temperate zone and you eat loads of tropical foods like coffee, chocolate, tropical fruits etc. you may start to feel uncomfortable where you live. You could develop allergies to normally harmless aspects of your environment like pollen or even your own cat. You could start to feel somehow out of place and confused and become unhappy even depressed. Eating the earth keeps us in balance with the natural environment just as it does for all animals.
  2. You can create different kinds of suits for your “geist house” according to the food choices you make. If you eat very concentrated forms of the earth like meat or eggs or cheese you are choosing forms of the earth that have already concentrated other forms of the earth (hay or other food) thus creating heavy or dense foods that naturally will create a heavy and dense body, weighing down your bodymind and eventually leading to problems of hardening and accumulation as well as heavy feelings and thoughts. You would then be attracted to all sorts of stimulants and other ways of compensating for your uncomfortable suit; alcohol, drugs and extreme stimulation of various sorts.
You could also consume forms of the earth that have been weakened or that are too delicate such as sugar, refined foods in general and other kinds of foods that are incapable of  “keeping things together” in your suit. If your suit is too weak it starts to loose form and problems such as hernias, varicose veins, diarrhea and problems of weakness such as frequent infections and allergies easily arise. You might also feel confused and spacey or ungrounded with little vital force to enjoy your life.
  3. Artificial foods, chemicals and drugs are clearly not going to contribute to a healthy and vital body and mind as they are very strange forms of the earth and may have very strange effects.

As a starting point for discussing food and diet I think these considerations are at the same time very simple and very practical to help to understand a wide variety of problems that afflict our society. I would be remiss if I did not mention the fact that all living things have special life force or geist including those wonderful vegetables that we filmed from seed to harvest and they affect our mind (geist) not only in the way they create our body suit but also more directly, but that will be for another article. For now I would like to finish by answering my friend Marcos' second question, which may very well be the readers next question:

So what forms of the earth should we actually eat?

Another way of asking this question would be “so what is the appropriate food for human beings?”. The answer to this question might seem complicated and difficult to answer, but just like the first question this is also immediately answered:

Eat what all people have always eaten.

In every culture in the world the traditional diet is surprisingly similar and can serve as a basic guideline in choosing our foods. As the number of these articles increases so will the guidelines that we can use to choose our food but traditional dietary patterns are an important consideration. Humans traditionally eat:

  • In an orderly way.
  • Whole cereal grains or grain products at every meal, including rice, wheat (also bread, pasta and other wheat products), and many others.
  • Vegetables as the main complement to cereal grains.
  • Beans or bean products.
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Salt, oil another seasonings and condiments.
  • A small amount of some form of animal foods.


This is the basis of the Mediterranean diet as well as traditional diets all over the world.

What food is and what foods we should eat are really pretty simple questions.